Saturday, February 27, 2016

A short stay

with no plans,  just simply being there...

Have you ever felt the need of beeing somewhere, thinking about a certain person? I suddenly felt a desperate need of being in Lebanon because of family and friends. It wasn't a long stay, but it doesn't matter, just seeing their faces once was more than enough, lhamdella <3

hope you had an awsome week, here's some shots from my week...

I never get sick of being a teacher, but being able to use that with my cousins is a feeling Worth millions of dollars! Lhamdella for being able to spend a moment of an ordinary day with you <3 #studymode

I'm 25 going on 26 and yet I feel like a Little kid being with my parents. A blessed feeling!

Manara, a Place you have to visit if you're in Lebanon #Peaceofheart

It's not about the food it's about who you eat it with (and to survive) <3! #Deepdiscussions #√§lskarer 


This time was about the food #Yumy #lastmealinlebanon #Lhamdella

Have no Pictures to show you the highlight of this trip, but here's a summery #Seeingmygrandmotherswasthehighlightofthistrip

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