Saturday, January 9, 2016

Today's Mahatma Ghandi

Sheikh Al-Nimr, a person who believed in democracy and the power of the pen...

Remember Mahatma Ghandi? The man who stood up for womens rights, for the economically less fortunate people. The man who fought against the cast system and tried to create love and respect between people from different ethnical and religious backgrounds. Not speaking about his hard work for Indias independence. Mahatma Ghandi fought a lot of battles with a none violence policy that still echoes until today. Ghandi stated that he was inspired by Imam Hussein, saying and I quote " l learned from Hussein how to achieve victory while being oppressed". Ghandi left us murdered by a fanatic who was against his ideas and today we once again witness fanatics killing another person who shares Ghandis insperation source.

That person was Sheikh Al-Nimr. He was a shia muslim cleric from Saudi Arabia who saw the government's true colors from a near distance. He saw a truth we all see and know. But incomparison to many of us, he did something about it. He stood up against tyranni with the same spirit that Mahatma Ghandi had, the spirit they both adopted from Imam Hussein (as). Sheikh Al-Nimr (may he rest in Peace) believed in the power of the pen, truth and peaceful action even if it led to his death. He believed in women's rights, in freedom of speech, in being able to freely practice your own religion and last but not least the right of choosing a leader.

Sheikh Al-Nimr was a man who never felt safe ever since birth, but instead of running towards his own safety, he chose to become the strength of others with his mind instead of muscles. Alsaudi or with other words the "leaders" of Saudi Arabia, started this new year by killing a star. This star, Sheikh Al- Nimr, who was a light of hope, has a family that is being neglected the right of saying goodbye one last time. The government is refusing to hand over the deceased body to his family.

Most of us know what Saudi Arabia stands for and yet they get a post of  leadership at UN Human Rights Council. The world is really getting to an end! And not because they got that post but because we let them. You and I might be against what they're doing and what they stand for, but you and I have been keeping our voices from each other. We need to remember that one voice alone always means something but our voices together has the strength to do something!