Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hakoona matata

is a wonderful word... Especially when u live it!

I almost forgot and then God (swt) reminded me of how much we take from the company we keep. If you have someone in your life that hangs and enjoys the company of people you believe is "bad news". Or if you define them as "bad company" then be sure that he/she has the same or some of their qualities. Don't close your eyes, don't give up your hakoona matata life and be careful of who you really let in! ... Just a thought that hit me today, seeing how we affect each other with whatever qualities we carry along, peace out!

(Hakoona matata= no worries)


  1. Imam Ali once said that if you accompany a certain group of people for 40 days you'll become one of them

  2. My parents are from Africa and they can speak Swahili, tihi