Sunday, October 12, 2014

Time is precious

"If only time could adjust to our plans instead of running ahead "

So many things I want to do and so many people I want to spend time with. It's sad how the sentence "I'll do it tomorrow"  becomes a broken promise. Life might keep us busy with our daily routines, but have we tried creating a routine that includes what we really want to do? 

This issue has been a thought, while feeling that I've been missing out on many things.  I wish time would stop to give me a head start.  But since that's impossible I'm going to treat every minute with care, where I actually do the things I want to.

This is how I tried to make the most of my time this weekend. What did you do, or how are you planing on using your time?

    Back on instagram <3 

Quality time with my soulmate. Finally we grabbed time by its collar and met. Lots of chatting, eating and well just being our crazy selves. 

Nothing beats a good buffet,  this was plate number 1, aah food<3
And  Of course we also went for desert <3

Bumping into a friend on my way home, saturday night. I just love meeting my friends randomly! 

Reading interesting books about marketing ^^

So.. I'm not the best gift wrapper, but my intentions were good :P
Preparing for Eid Ghadir, the memory of our beloved prophets last speech. The speech that gave us hope. That hope was Imam Ali <3 My smart, pretty and awsome one and only Umzahraa, came up with a great idea for this day. She spent the whole day preparing a quiz, gifts and an atmosphere of joy. 

I of course also watched my latest favorite korean drama, "She's so lovable". Ahh So nice to see Bi Rain back on the screen<3  And now of for some facebooking before sleeping. Because tomorrow is another day, I have to rock at work. Xoxo 


  1. Life well said ! Just enjoy the little moments and hey Stop scaring your friends ��

  2. Ouriiii ippppooooooo thothooooo <3
    Time is indeed precious so make sure you are doing what you you and youuu really want to!! I need to take that advice myself so letshh doo itzzz togezaa. fowevaaa
    p.s. i hate you for getting to eat THAT without me :)

  3. Eww..I hate that buffet! Try Goteborg Wok next time..:)