Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Living a dream...

or creating a new one?

Pursuing a dream and actually getting there is an accomplishment. But understanding the dream and living it, is a whole other story. It seems that reaching a certain goal only is an entry for another one. It sounds simple and easy, but in reality or atleast  my reality more details are attached.  What I'm basically trying to say is. I've started to understand what it really means to have my dream come true. I just entered that world and realised that it's exactly how I expected it to be, exept for one little detail. I did reach my dream, but I didn't understand what it would bring along. It brought me not only a salary but also, new dreams,  new feelings and new expectations.

It migh have started with wanting to become a teacher, but now I am one heading towards another goal of becoming a great teacher.

Subhana'Allah how every season has it's own beauty. Enjoy fall while you can, wish you a blessed one! PS! Sorry for not writing in forever, but working and life took me away from you guys. I'll try to do better keep stopping by <3


  1. When reaching a goal becomes an entry for a new one thats when you know that you are a person with a bright future because you're always looking ahead always pursuing more and you my thotho are on a path of a great future indeed! PS! ahhh the picture <33

  2. Du är verkligen en underbar lärare , inte för att jag känner dig utan för att jag har sett hur du når ut till barnen, hur dem lyssnar på dig,hur dem verkligen tar till sig det du säger :)/keep up the great job!