Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The embarrasing moment

When you remember you forgot to uppdate... more than a month later...

My brains' memory stick have been overloaded with to much information. That caused it to... Well kind of... crash?  I can't believe I completely forgot that I even had a blog, I think I need to see a doctor ^^ or just go on a vacation :P A lot of things have been happening,  one of them beeing, my sister getting engaged, YeeeY!!! Yippy! Secondly... I don't really remember, probably something interesting though ^^

I had too many celebrations of my birthday this year both in Lebanon and when I got back home, since my birthday happened to be during my trip.  Alot of great gifts and warm wishes, truly too many people care about me, loff you all! Pictures and so on will be shared eventually, I just need some time to breathe first.  Lhamdella I'm truly lucky!

1 comment:

  1. Hahah I know that feeling all too well!!
    p.s grattiss mirjaaan!!!