Thursday, June 12, 2014


"De Väntades Vänner" or  "the friends of the expected one"  ( meaning Imam Mahdi, A.J)

Learning about the meaning of Islam, I realised that most muslims doesn't really follow this amazing path but only use the name and color it with traditions. As we know traditions are formed by people of the same society and Islam is a gift that God formed to give guidance through. With other words tradition equals, imperfection while Islam equals, perfection. So what would you choose, perfection or imperfection?

That's a question that all of us should think about. I always thought that no muslim here on earth actually has islam as a compass in their lives. It even made me believe that being a better person, striving for perfection was impossible.  But then something happened, this group of amazing people proved me sooo wrong! 

Alhamdullillah God (swt) gathered these people to reflect a positiv, loving, safe, social,  respectful, anti racist, happy and PEACEFUL picture of this amazing religion. I was proved wrong there's always a way of becoming a better person, and if we truly follow the path of this amazing religion we will get closer to God and getting closer to God is getting closer to perfection.

I'm not saying that all traditions are bad, there is also beauty in what we create. But everything we create with beauty in it, has God's scent. How can we not have perfection as a goal when humanity is the main theme of that phraze. Why choose (bad) traditions that takes us far away from God (perfection), when they only hurt.  Why not strive for beeing better when we are given the tools to?

DVV might not be the only ones out there practising, but they are definately a source of knowledge and pure hearts that reminds of Ahlul bayt. May God bless them and guide them closer to Him (s.w.t) so that we who forget the impotance of following God rather than following what people creates can be reminded of how beautiful life can get by getting closer to perfection (God s.w.t). Lhamdella, lhamdella, lhamdella for DVV being there and for every one of you who's working hard getting closer to God and giving those who lack knowlegde a true picture of Islam.