Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Another week passed

I've been really bad at uppdating :/ forgive thee. The past couple of days truly took all my energy away, but I have been thinking about you trying to somehow to capture moments I want to share.

As for my final exam,  prayers are needed, I'm 150% sure I'll have too retake the second half of the exam, but I have a pretty good chance on passing the first part. Well it was my fault for not putting the effort. Having my final exam done, my graduation project awaits. Tomorrow I leave to another country for my fieldstudies, wish me luck!

Moments to share:

Great food and company. I haven't laughed this much all year conbined. Lhamdella. 


A trip to Gothenburg to see my nephiew, develop knowlege,shop and eating more Halal stuff (Forever Halal<3)

 I just wanted to take a selfie, been a long time since my beauty brightened up this site :P

 I made an Olaf(from frozen) to put on the cake I made for my friend's birthday. I don't have a picture of the finished cake along with olaf colored. This isn't that bad though.

I just loved this one so I'm sharing it!


  1. Hey Soso!
    Why are you not updating anymore? Give the people what they want ;)

  2. hahahha olaaaf <3
    and yes soso!!! why uu nooo updatööö whyyyyyyyöööööö