Sunday, March 16, 2014

Yesterday Failed

So I'm giving up...

Kidding :P... Today is a new chance and I'm going to take it. I couldn't keep myself from facebooking, thinking about it, talking about it and searching for it yesterday. All of that doesn't matter though, limiting myslelf made it worse. I figured that out while taking a walk this morning. I remembered a very smart thing, my friend said to me. Mona, I'm talking about you, your brain isn't totally wacked, there's still hope :P (She's actually one of the smartest people I know, but don't tell her Shhh..).

She said that If I circle my life around "that thing" then I'm doing nothing to get over it,  instead I'm making it the center of my life. I can't agree more, so once again I'm asking myself: "What is it, that makes me happy and healthy?" Trying not to fall into the trap of thinking how can I become happy and healthy whithout that thing/person. Because if you start the process based on that, then you already lost, because your letting it control you.

If your answer is that the thing/ person makes me happy and healthy. Then you've wasted time trying to get over it. But if you think "I'll be happy if I have that thing or if I can be with that person." That's when  you need to think about your options, loss possibilities and make a decision. Personally I don't like having my happiness depend on a certain thing or person. Subhana Allah(swt) God has given us so many ways to find happiness and health, so why limit ourselves? It's up to you, decide on wether you want to be happy or crappy...

Lhamdella God(swt) is the most generous of all and He(swt) loves when we seek him. So don't be afraid of using what he gave you or turning to him for you're happiness, health or needs.This is also for you who don't really know what to believe in or have a different religion, God (Swt) listens to everyone that seeks Him(swt)!

Hmm thinking about it, yesterday wasn't a failure but a lesson that brings to victory... Lhamdella truly there is a reason for everything!

Pictures of yesterday spent with Shrimp from Pinguinland (Jassmin).


  1. Allt har en mening och vi lär av allt som vi går igenom, det gäller och inte låsa in sig utan öppna tankarna för annat som är värd att spendera tid på för att kma långt både i det här livet och i det nästkommande liv! Du är intelligent:) du inspirerar med ditt skrivande:) be strong & be proud of urself honey. You deserve all the best in the world ♥♥♥
    // S

  2. I was forced to comment here :)

  3. I suddenly feel so smart!:D But it's true what you're saying God has blessed us with so many things we shouldnt focus on one thing or let our happiness be dependant on it. Kom ihåg en i mängden!