Friday, March 21, 2014

Malaysian airplane missing?

Like every day since I decided to study, I do everything else to avoid my plan. I didn't even take my morning walk today :/ Let's not think about it and get to the interesting part of my " I do everything but studying" day.

Many of you heard about the missing Malaysian airplain. But none of us knows what's been going on. What happened and where is it? And How on earth did a freaking airplain disappear? This and spaghetti has been main topics of my today.

Someone shared an article on facebook saying that the airplain was found on the moon. Could it be true? And how did it get there? Who caused this incident? If it was really found on the moon, does it emd there? Do we go on with our lives, letting the incident fade away being satisfied finding the airplain? Is it really the airplain we are looking for or is it the mistery behind it? So many questions no real answers and why no real answers? How many planes have... I don't really remember what I was going to write here but I bet it was something interesting :) I kinda fell asleep while writing like 3 hours ago. Either way now I really have to study  XoXo <3

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  1. Att jag inte ens hade hört om den! Whereee am IIIIIIIIII