Monday, March 24, 2014

Intensive week begins

Today the week of "everything has to be done" begins. First of all I need to study till I'm ready for friday, exam day. Secondly I have to take care of/ get everything on my list because next wednesday I'll be heading of to another country to do my fieldstudies.

I've had a full day, a nice one though. I saw Minush pretty face, made a fool out of me not seeing my friends who where like 3-4m infront of me (my bad eyes, should wear my glases more often). Well we got a good laugh, me looking lik a halmoni (grandmother) trying to see who was there was just too... Ahh. Another nice thing is was the family gathering we had to celebrate my sister's 17th birthday. Now I'm gonna study som more and then go to bed, remember me in your prayers, Im gonna need it this week.


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