Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Jaipur, where stars can bee seen

also where reality is reflected...
It has been almost three weeks since I got back home. I haven't yet been able to digest everything I've, seen, felt, smelled and experienced. My next post was going to talk about Jaipur. It's the city that the guide expressed as: "The best city, because it's my city". After visiting it I truly understood what he meant, it  truly is a magnificent place. It was also Jaipur that made me realise the reality of what I was experiencing.
Mostly I realised something I've always known, it's the people who makes the place. But what hit me in this trip was that you who visit also take part in making it to what it becomes. I can't forget this one young girl not older than 10 years wearing traditional Rajistani clothes, clean and colorful. She was standing outside of the restaurant we ate at, before continuing our trip back home to Delhi. The second I got eyecontact with her, was the second where she forced a smile on her face and started dancing. Are we really that horrible? Do we have to gain something to give? What made that girl realise that her smiles and dancing would sell?
We might use the huge number of people as an excuse for not being able to help everyone, but what is our reasons for not helping anyone and instead supporting the situation to go on? 

Eitherway, I'm back safe and sound (I think) and India wasn't all about bad things it truly has magic, I just wish the magical part could become everybodies reality and not only mine.

Some of my happy times (more pics to come) :





  1. loooving the pics!! And yeah it truly is the people that make a placee. Even the most amasingone would feel unspecial without the people in it andthe people you share it witth. Hopefully u'll have many more experiences like this one.

  2. Very wonderfull stories