Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ya Hussein!


There are different ways of celebrating new years, but most people use that date, to start over. I'm talking about our new years resolutions. This got to me while listening to Hasanain Rajabali, about how we start the Islamic calender in Ashura, the day of the battle in Karbalaa.

Imam Hussein (A.S) gave us the gift of awerness, the gift of motivation, the gift of strength. With other words knowledge, motivation to find and achieve knowledge. God has sent mankind through Imam Hussein (A.S) and the rest of Ahlulbayt (A.S)from the battle of Karbalaa a source of strength to promote good, fight the bad and the value of our freedom. The best and purest men and women walked this path along with the Prophets family even though being aware of the loss of their lives but also aware of gaining there freedom. Because what is life worth if it is spend behind bars of ignorance and opression? 

Remembering what happened and reflecting on it, is how many muslims celebrates the Islamic calender. Because forgetting everything and opening a new page doesn't make what's old go away. Learn from the past, do better in your present and continue the path of knowlegde to become a better person. To be a person closer to God. And what can be better for a healthy, happy life,  than getting closer to perfection?