Sunday, November 24, 2013

Where magic and reality meet

A place called Agra
I have seen the pictures, I have read the history and I have imagined all these attractions to be amazingly beautiful. But doing all that and really being here is truly different. Delhi had alot to offer but the magic of Taj Mahal, the mosque of Taj Mahal and Agra Fort through it's detailed beauty both historically and visually just... It just swept me to a world where dreams becomes reality. The Taj Mahal truly is one of the worlds wonders, not only for the beauty and harmony it brings but for the love that made it grow into such a beauty. A beauty also spiritual to bring joy, harmony and safety having all 99 Islamic names of the Allmighty (s.w.t), also a Mosque to strenghten those feelings.The Mosque of Taj Mahal gave peace, and the feeling when Azan started is priceless. I wish I could have stayed there longer, nomatter how time passed, just sitting there gave me a harmonious feeling and happiness.

Minush had told me about the Agra Fort being bigger and more detailed than the Red Fort in New Delhi, but my oh my. The scale was bigger indeed and the details where more, even the colors of the walls where stronger. Just standing there and seeing the parrots fly in flocks made me feel... Ahh can't explain it with words. Emagine this you are standing looking out from the window and suddenly a group of parrots appear flying getting closer from the fog that had made them less visible and suddenly the fog or dust seperates to different directions and there you see ones again Thee Taj Mahal.

This whole trip has been spent with the best company of all times, Lhamdella. Yet I wish that we both were here with our future someone special (husbands). I don't know if I've been effected by the wedding season going on in India right now and the wedding I witnessed last night from my hotelrooms' balcony. Or that this trip simply has made me realise that everything special has to be shared with that special person inorder to become perfect. Either way, I'm on my way to Jaipur now to see what awaits there!


  1. Ahhhh taj mahal!!! Now thats something I'd love to see! And i know that when you write future husband it is a disguise to not show how much you two want meeeeeee there. I know its tough but you just hang on... peace out

    1. Hahaha and it actually true we wished you where here!

  2. Vad roliggt!!!! A dags att gifta dig, vill gå på bröllop!