Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sayeda Zainab (A.S)

Imam Husseins (A.S) character was loving and caring towards his family. When I hear or read about the relationship between the familymembers of Ahlulbayt (A.S) and remember what they had to witness in Ashura, I truly understand and see their love to God (S.W.T). Imam Husseins (A.S) heart was aching for the sake of his family and yet he stayed ferm. One person that made his heart cry the most was Sayeda Zainab (A.S). He explained, that nothing hurts him more than to leave his beloved sister behind with this great task.

Sayeda Zainab (A.S) became the messenger after the death of almost her whole family. She is the one who carried Imam Husseins (A.S) message to give us awerness of what happened in Karbala. Sayeda Zainab, known as ummul masaeb (The mother of trouble) meaning the one who carries the worst of trouble, was stable in her beliefs  the message that we today still carrie. yazid may God (S.W.T) punish him for all eternity took Sayeda Zainab (A.S) and the rest of the survived family members as hostages. They where Mostly woman and children and Imam Zainul abeedin (A.S) was also there. Yazid may he never rest in peace, asked Sayeda Zainab(A.S) what she now thought of Gods doing? She stood firm and gave him a speech that made him shiver of fear and my favorite part is when she showed her trust and Love in God (S.W.T) saying: "I have seen nothing but beauty from God". They lived the worst of happenings and yet she saw nothing but beauty from God. This sentence always takes me back to the fact that God (S.W.T) truly gave us beauty, but it's us people who use that beauty. We either use it to promote good or bad. When yazid may he never find peace, ask such a question he is blaming God to what happened to them, when he was the one giving orders to make them suffer. We are the ones who act and we are the ones that creates resurses to evil, I hope we can open our eyes and stop blaming God and start looking for the real culprit. The battle of karbala happened and now Sayeda Zainab along with those who survived continues to suffer and fight for awerness to be spred. 


  1. Labayki ya Zainab!!!!

  2. God (SWT) has given us everything we can be thankful for yet at the instant of mishaps we are quick to blame him. We dont see the fact that he gave humans a free will and it is humans who on and on use this free will to do bad things. Nshalla they will all get what they deserve!