Sunday, November 3, 2013


I have been really bad at updating my blog lately, but I assure you for a good reason! It has been crazy, trying to take care of all sorts of errands before I go to India. Tomorrow 4th of november Inshallah (if God is willing), Minush and I will be heading to INDIA!!!!! It just hit me two days ago, even though my last month has been all about preparing for This trip, I still didn't really get it. The plan is having my Internship in New Delhi, visiting Agra, Jaipur and of course exploring and shopping as much as possible with my one and only Jandhi (Minush)! I might not be able to be very active in my blog during my trip.  Depending on my internet situation, but I'll do my best!

Tomorrow starts the month of Muharram in the Islamic calender. During this month we remember the battle of Karbala and Ahlulbayt (P.B.U.T), Prophet Muhammads (P.B.U.H) family.  Some muslims grief for what happened to them also remembers what they taught us. Amongs many things they taught us that freedom is our right and that we shouldn't bow for wrong. Imam  Hussein, the master of martyrs, gave everything in the name of freedom on the day of Ashura. Ashura being the tenth day of muharram, the day of the battle in Karbala. I'm looking forward to spending Ashura in India, truly my heart beats Labayka ya Hussein wherever I am.

Imam Hussein (A.S):" If you do not believe in religion and do not fear the hereafter, then at least be free from Tyranny and Arrogance."