Thursday, November 7, 2013


From INDIAAAA!!!!'
The first thing that made me realize I was here, was a smell of curry along with a scent of temple smoke blended. It's really interessting how different countries have different smells. There's alot here that I can relate to thinking of Lebanon and yet it's so different from anything I have experienced. Loving every step though the smell, our haunted house, the school, Rikshaw (taxi), Indianized Mcdonalds with their frites and pirri pirri mix, my students, the cows on the streets, and our care taker, amongs many things.
t's about 10.30 pm here, Minush got back like an hour ago from exploring in Delhi. Today we visited the Lotus Temple and Imamia Hall which is a Mosque. We also went for dinner at a neighborhood called Nizamu aldin, I finally got some Halal stuff from a nice restaurant called Kareem. The neighborhood was really crowded, it was the first time I saw women walking freely that late. Other than that I loved the market where I bought a nice lunchbox. During the day, I spend my time at the school where I have my internship. I actually had my first lesson today. I love the kids and the teachers, they (the teachers) made me food so they have my love for eternity <3 and wow the difference I am witnessing!

It's really slow downloading pictures but here's some... Stay safe!


  1. OMG me wants more details about your internship!!! It looks really nicee hope your having the time of your lifee shingooo

  2. Oh i missed you soso, please we wan't more pics and more updates and more whatsapp ;)/b

  3. I'm so going to fill you with details ouri shingoo <3 Yaaay, it's awsome!!! and B <3 miss you to <3 I want to, but hardly any internet on my phone :(