Monday, November 11, 2013


Have you ever wondered about the things that never leaves your side? Nomatter where you are, it's always there. Either standing against you, reminding you or even supporting you. Muharram is one of is a month in the Islamic calender that never seems to not catch me. Muharram has been reminding me of how prisoned I am. I might be able to do whatever I want when it comes to studying, traveling, clothing, life choices and so on. But what is really guiding me to take the decisions? Why does some chose to wear tight pants in certain places when they actually love baggy pants. It's comfortable , but one still won't wear it. Because the posters we see and the people around is telling us tight is what we wear because that's what's beautiful.

Nomatter what kind of clothes I get, I go by two rules, something that doesn't show my figure and something that blends in with todays society.  I don't know but I simply feel that I can do anything that I'm free to be myslelf when I'm covered and modest. But trying to be "normal" and being "free" doesn't seem to work in my life. Because if I really was free, I would wear what makes me feel free to be myself. I wouldn't have to try so hard to satisfy society with what I wear. This is not about clothes, I like wearing what I buy but it's about those who decides the norm which makes us follow a certain pattern. It's about how limited you are of making the choices that somehow already was made for you. This hit me when I realised that I couldn't buy certain things from India because "I couldn't" use them later on. So even how I spend my money is decided by norm.

My friends who will read this will think: "But, you're not normal?" " And "YOU are free, you always do what you want!" I might not be as normal as the norm want's me to be. I might also mostly go after what I concider right, but I have yet not reached the level to say no to everything that I believe is wrong. Imam Husseins' (A.S) martyrdom for the cause of freedom and for the cause of being able to stand up for what's right and stand against what's wrong, reminds and gives the strength to stand up for what I believe in. We might consider ourselves free, but how free are we really?

Muharram really made me think about the prison I'm living in. I might have many options and the sky might be blue but I'm still behind bars, I'm still limited. The example I used was only to demonstrate a very little part of how our freedom is beeing ripped while believing that we are free. Truly everyday is Ashura and every land is Karbala. Sayeda Zainabs (A.S) shrine was attacked again the 7th of november. Not even the dead has been given freedom in this world. How can they when the ones alive have no idea of how to take their freedom and stay away from others... 

The internet somehow got worse and it's really hard posting pictures. But I'll make sure to create an India album on this blog when I get back home. Take Care and may this month bring you closer to your freedom through the great sacrifice of our Ahlulbayt (A.S)and Martyrdom of our beloved Imam Hussein (A.S).

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  1. Normes and unspoken society rules have always been a part of human life. It's something we grow up with and something which we don't question. For living in a society like ours and for aiming towards your goals is something I admire u for. It takes great courage and effort, specially where we are from. For aiming towards freedom and being aware of what controls us is a huge step. As for reaching total freedom.....generally speaking....I don't know. If u set ur mind to it u can achieve anything, just like the other things you've already achieved :)