Sunday, October 6, 2013

My heritage

Not my past but a part of my present!

It was too late when I first read about the demolishing of our beloved prophet Muhammads' (A.S) house in Medina. The place where the Prophet (P.B.U.H) called home for about 28 years was suddenly gone, to be replaced with a washroom instead. It was too late to try to save the place that had survived for so long keeping the scent of the Prophet(P.B.U.H) alive. It was too late...I nolonger have the chance to go and see how he lived to connect that with what He (P.B.U.H) taught me.

On the second of maj 2013 it went to a whole different level where one of Prophet Muhammads (P.B.U.H) companions grave was destroyed and desecrated in Syria, Dimaskus. Opening a grave and wanting to take the body out, to ridiculate a person after his death is just inhuman. I truly can't decide though wether commiting the crime and being open about it is worse. Or if observing the crime having the power to take action against it, but deciding not to is worse. Many of you who will read this will think "this is old news" but the thing is that it's not. This might have happened yesterday, but it's a problem of today! Now the same group of people are trying to destroy the Prophets' grandaughter Zainab's (A.S) grave. A huge amount of people has been martyred trying to protect her.

I've heard many say why? Why does people leave there families and lives inorder to protect a grave? My heritage isn't only about stones and art from the past that I want to preserve. It's about my right to preserve, being respected and not to be robbed my heritage. With other words it's connected to my rights as a human being, my right to have that freedom. Instead of asking why people are trying to save their freedom try asking why the one with power to stop these inhuman acts isn't doing anything? And also ask yourselves what can I do? Even talking to a friend, keeping this subject alive is doing something so please support me to bring out the problem so that we can take it down!

 “If you do not believe in religion and do not fear the hereafter, then at least be free from Tyranny and Arrogance.” -Imam Hussein(A.S)


  1. Couldn't have said it better!! Keep it up!!

  2. Where are media when you need it ��

  3. Every word u wrote was emotional refolding.. u lift up the subject and made it more clearly...I hope that ppl will try thinking again ,see what's going on and see the light and not the darkness.. It's just our human rights & nothing more..