Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My first love

My hijab!

Most of you who are familiar with the word hijab will get a picture of a fully covered female. And I hope that you who know what hijab means, will think about modesty, trust, strength, love, warning, respect and freedom! I was inspired to write about my own hijab story after reading muslimtjejs blog, where she talked about her journey with hijab.

You might think that I'm talking about me wearing the hijab, as in covering my hair, and body except for my hands and face. I won't deny that it all started with me taking that decision. But physically wearing my hijab and really wearing my hijab are two different things yet contected to each other.

One day, unexpected, one of my classmates suddenly enters class wearing a veil or scarf whatever one calls it. Covering her hair,  matching her clothes. It was as early as first grade, I was really jealous of that girl because she was living my dream while I was only allowed to be unitet with my love, hijab, through my moms veils at home pretending to be a "hijabee".

I don't remember how many days it took me after seeing my friend wearing it. But one day I grabbed a hijab(veil, hair coverage) made for beginners, wore it and told my mom that I now was ready to wear it. I still remeber how she was against it saying that I was too young running after me until she realised that I already with or without her consent already started my journey of being a "hijabee".

Lhamdella, lhamdella, lhamdella (Thank God) for blessing me with the privilage of wearing the flag of Islam. Islam which amongst other things stands for mercy, generousity, love, strength, knowledge, peace and freedom! (To be continued)


  1. so beautiful, i ask God to give us the strength and ability to fulfill the true meaning of hijab
    lola ❤

  2. Real good post! Certainly if more people understood the real meaning of hijab the prejudice would be much less!

  3. Oh vad gulligt av dig :)

    Så fin berättelse och må Allah alltid stärka din tro :)

  4. definately wanna know more about it

  5. Yes definately lola nshallah we will be able to represent hijabs value, Yes indeed there are too many theories and judgements about the hijab comming from lack of knowledge inshallah we will be able to reflect what its true eaning is! Noor haha tack och må Gud förstärka din tro och alltid välsigna ditt liv med hans vägledning! Always lhamdella and I'm definately going to tell you more about my hijab adventures ^^

  6. Längtar till fortsättningen :)

  7. Really good! May God bless you. cant wait till the rest of the story