Tuesday, October 8, 2013


As mentioned before hijab isn't only about coverage, but also basically about being a good person.
I knew that wearing hijab would mean more responsibilities. But my life didn't really change. I was still an over energized/ playfull kid also someone with a geat fantasy. What happened was that I now had extra responsibilities, like praying and covering myself. Or atleast that's what I thought, but everyday I learned something new about my hijab and how to complete it. Here is one thing that I learned along the way...

I remember my bestfriend and I walking to school one morning, It was in second or third grade, I don't really remember. During that walk the subject of badmouthing from a muslim point of view was brought up. We talked about how bad and ignorant we were. How evil badmouthing people is and started pointing fingers at ourselves regretting, and taking a decision to stop doing it. Saying something bad about a person infront or behind their back is a huge slap to your hijab. In Islam we say badmouthing is like eating you're sisters/ brothers raw flesh. With other words a disgusting and damageful act. It's very easy to fall into that trap, the trap of using someone else to entertain yourself and others. But when you feel that it's heading that way, stop! This is something I'm still working on.

Speaking of nothing that has to do with this, don't forget our islamic heritage, keep the subject alive! Today we have something to protect tomorrow we might not! 


  1. That's something we should all work on

  2. That's so true, It's so easy to fall into the trap of badmouthing. Your text waked me up to something I didnt think of, It is so easy to start talking about people behind their back even if your niyah is not to harm them :(

    I remembered the hadith of Rasool Allah saww, He sais the best muslim is the one who do not speak about a topic that does not concern him.

  3. You are so right,the veil is not just about covering your hair but about morality, discipline, and so on,and through the veil, you become reminded of these things!