Sunday, September 22, 2013

Living YOUR life!

I've probably written before about how life goes on. How one needs to keep it up with the rest of whats going on, nomatter what reality a person is hit by. Of course there are exceptions where one might be able to afford not keeping up or maybe some don't care or has the energy of thinking about the cosequences. Lhamdella (thank God) what keeps me going towards my goals these days, is God, His gift to us, Ahlul-bayt(P.B.U.T) and the people I love.

I've been thinking about how important it is to stay in process, to not be kept behind. And what it means to be kept behind? How much it will effect our lives? It's not that I belive in following my own plan for life,  I've realised that plans always change because of something or someone, maybe even because you simply stop believing in that plan; either way it can change. But plan or no plan there are somethings we have to do or somethings we need to keep up with unless we don't care about our developement being in process. Like school, work even family and friends. You can't ignore an exam or school assignments, you cant ignore the work on your desk and you can't ignore family and friends if life is giving you a hard time. Because wether it's about your succes in a carreer or in a relationship you need to put effort you need to care and you need to be there and do what has to be done. Now family and friends might have more patiens but still you can lose them or lose what you had with them. If you want to stay in the game you need to keep playing by its rules?

I know, I know I'm blabering again but basically what I'm trying to say is that situations in life can give you reasons to stop walking forward but you need to think about what you believe in and what you want from life. Simply what you consider is important. Don't get stuck and just try to survive, what is surviving worth if your not living?!


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