Sunday, September 22, 2013


It's crazy but I still don't have my own computer. It's not that important to have your own computer but it's rather important to have acces to a computer. Thank God! Lhamdella! I haven't had any issues with my studies since I always have acces to a computer at University but I actually only study on them except for now. I just finished studying and realized that I could post some pictures of what I've been up to!

Thank you anonomys <3 I miss writing aswell!!
The chocolate in honor of our new family member Mohammed! I'm an Aunt now, me an AUNT!!!

Irsa and I trying out hats thinking we look french...
Planing our Korean dinner before Mona leaves for lebanon. No kimchi :(
Kimbap, Egrolls, fried Zucchini, beansprout side dish, the choicken and soup isn't in the picture

My first plate, everything was delicious except for the soup, not really my thing :P

On my way to university!

Sunrise! It was even more magical in reality...

Irsa found an old Swedish nickle(10 ├Âre)

Made some kimchi<3 since I ate the old ones :P

I decided to surprise my aunty one night with my presens and Got grapes and water <3
The story of my life always something to learn and always something that needs to be done!
Well I just love this picture :P
take care!


  1. hahaha lovingg the picturee with the hatss!! Sosoo irsaa <3<3

  2. hahaha lovingg the picturee with the hatss!! Sosoo irsaa <3<3

  3. Need some kimchi right now.... or I´ll have to join the Angry Birds..