Thursday, August 1, 2013


This might sound silly but I remember a line from a japanese drama saying: "during our lifetime  we meet aproximately 30.000 people where 3000 are schoolmates and co-workers and 300 family and friends."

I don't know if it's true but, if it is, then Wow! That's alot of people influencing one person's developement. That aprox. 30.000 people decides on who you will become in one way or another. I realised today that me trying so hard not to get influenced only formed me into a mess. Seeing people from my past, how they've moved on and how they already have families of their own made me think. Why? Why was I fighting against that? Why was I afraid of becoming one of them? 

Lhamdella I have a great life filled with so much, I'm truly blessed. But even though you tell me that you envy my life and that I should never get married; I still envy your life and wish to get the chance of living like that aswell. It's crazy how their lives effects my way of thinking and how my life effects theirs. Either way Lhamdella we are all truly blessed!

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