Wednesday, August 21, 2013

(Easy) Kimchi recepie!

My Kimchi was a success, I opened it 3 days ago I think... Hmm? Me and my memory these days. Well either way I opened the tupperware and tasted the fully fermented kimchi along with my Kimchi crazy friend Minush. We went back to Korea by tasting it so yeah... I succeded hihi...

Make sure to have all ingredients:
Napa cabbage 
green onion
sweet rice flour or normal flour 
fish sauce

Cut the Napa cabbage in 4 pieces like this:
Make sure to wash them thoroughly inbetween layers/leaves. Go through the washing process 2-3 times. 
When you are done washing the cabage you start salting them. You take one piece at a time and make sure to spread the salt inbetween layers aswell. Be generous with the salt. When all pieces are salted, place them in a bowl. also splash some water not to much though over the cabbages. them let them stay put for an 3-5 hours to soften in the salt and water. (you can turn them around every hour so all parts reaches the water).

During these 3-5 hours you can prepare the paste:

You bring out your casserole or castrole and then put half a cup of flower for every 3 cups of water. depending on how much paste you want to have. Grate(use molinex)one onion, one apple and a 5-10 cm piece of ginger depending on your own taste also grate garlic depending on your own taste. (I used 3 slices). Shopp the green onion into 5cm long tales. Then put the flower and the water in the castrole/casserole to sturn under low heat until it starts to bubble. When you have a nice white paste, remove the castrole from the stove and start adding; grated onion, apple, ginger, garlic and chopped green onion. Also add fish sauce( its salty so dnt add too much), some sesameoil and ofcourse the red peppar powder. and then sturn until the past gets a nice red color.

I didn't find the redpepper powder so I used red crushed peppar and it work perfectly fine. You can also see the fish sauce and the sesameoil that I used in this picture.

When you've let the cabbage and the salt bond for hours you can now start washing them again to make sure that all the salt is gone( or most of it). wash it 2-3 times, let the water dripp away or try to dry the cabages as much as you can.

The seasoning begins! It's time to make sure the paste you made gets inbetween the cabbage leaves and on the cabbage outerside aswell.

Now for the last step, put every piece you season with the paste in the tupperware and when you're done with all of them, them put the lock on and keep the kimchi ferment for one month in the fridge!

Good Luck! Hopefully you understand the recepie for any questions feel free to ask!

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