Friday, August 23, 2013

Hand in Hand

To defeat our biggest enemies... Ignorans and hatred!

Have you ever noticed how hatred spreads faster and more effective than love? Hate can be spread through something as simple as hurting your foot. The pain you feel can cause cursing, complaining over how life is unfair and maybe even blame someone for your pain. Someone who might not even be around you at the moment could be blamed for your unfortunate accident. But when something good happens like not hurting your foot, one doesn't think of anybody at that moment. the thought "Ahh that person gave me luck today, I haven't had any accidents today, doesn't hit us.

Another horrible incident happened in Lebanon, Tripoli. May God give patience to every individual that lost someone. And May God keep away all bad actions from this city and from every inch of Lebanon. I just pray to God that the people sticks together and that we don't go back to a time when we killed each other because of ignorance and baseless hatred.

People say everything is allowed in in love and war, but those with expirience would know that it's exactly the opposite. Because these two subjects are very sensitive and one wrong step can be the cause of great cause...

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  1. It is exactly how you describe it: "baseless hate" and It truly sickens me what is happening around us today. May God protect Lebanon.