Friday, August 16, 2013

هنا الضاحية...

 Here is thee Dahiah, is a fraze born after the war in Lebanon 2006. Dahiah or Dahieh is located in Beiruts southern suburb area. That area in particular suffered great loss during that war and yet the people of it kept their hope, strength and patience. Fear is in everybodies vocabulary and yet their fears had no dominant place. It was too weak to make them give up, and that's basically what made Dahieh become an icon of heroism. Atleast from my point of view. One of the main reasons that made this place and the people in Dahieh so valuable and big in my eyes, was actually the people who didn't suffer any loss. Because those people in Lebanon who lost nothing and even where able to live their daily lives as normal as ever had the most to complain about.

Dahieh a place with people that says NO to oppression and NO to immorality and YES to freedom is still a  target. Yesterday an explosion hit birabed- Rweis and people where killed and injured and still we hear the fraze هنا الضاحية, here is thee dahiah! Also expressions like: "It doesn't matter how hard you try, how many you kill, we will always stand up for what's right!" These expressions reminds me of Karbara and the spirit of Imam Hussein(A.S), It makes me not only proud but also comforted to know that Imam Husseins spirit is still alive in many poeples hearts. That is the ultimate weapon that we need since we still have many Battles of Karbala to fight for.

My thoughts and condolsence goes to those who lost someone in this ugly act of terror. May God reward them for their patience. May God protect our Lebanon and it's people from any harm and devision. May the people open their eyes and not fall into a trap where hatred spreads amongs each other. Hate only brings destruction while love brings oportunities, even if we have different religions, opinions or priorities...

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  1. Må Gud (swt) påskynda imam Mahdis(aj) återkomst inshAllah✌