Monday, August 12, 2013

a picture says a thousand words

This is mostly what I have been up to...

Quality time with the best of best!

(Preparing for Eid) I didn't get the chans to wish you an Eid Mubarak, but I hope you had a blessful one.

On our way to Malmö/ my new obsession instagram

In Malmö enjoying time with family and friends <3( Still obsessed with instagram)

Ending our trip to Skåne in Helsingborg, a truly beautyful city <3
You can actually see Denmark from this city! ( the straight line across the sea = Denmark)

Thee End... 

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  1. first of all I really liked ur mega-sunglasses, it really fits with the dress in pic nr 2 hihiihi
    Btw u r a mix of professional, u r a nice designer;;) , chef and amazing photographer;;;).... luuuv u hun omwwwwwah:::)

  2. Nice pics and cool glasses��