Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tick Tack

Time is running

Is it only me? Or do you also feel that time is passing just like that with nothing important being done. This is supposed to be a summer vacation where one gets to relax and just... You know! How does one relax?!!! How do I rest to be able to do my best during this year at Uni? Time is running fast while I'm stressing about not doing anything important and only looking back. How do I let things go and just, just take it easy?!!!

Ahhh did I make the right decision getting back home earlier than planned or did I get stuck with an even heavier bag to run away with? The only time I decide to take the easy way out is the time that makes it more clear than ever. Running away never works, if you want to have a lighter trip to your next destination, make sure to go through the formalities and check-in your luggage first...

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