Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This is how...

I've been spending my time
I wrote before about my sudden interest in cooking. These past seven days has been alot about cooking, seeing friends, watching cooking videos, funny videos, debates on youtube and getting into debates myself. I almost forgot to add my Korean dramas, ofcourse I watched my Koreans dramas!!

Everyday I realise how lucky I truly am lhamdella (thank God) for everything. I have truly seen nothing but beauty from God... 

Here's some pictures of what I've been up to:

My first attempt to make crispy chicken according to a recepie my friends' mother gave me. I fried most of the chicken and left four pieces for the oven. Wanted to see it healthy could be tasty and it tasted better than expected. 

Preparing for my date with shrimp from pinguin land to attend "Fallens dagar", one of Trollhättans few interesting events ( I live in a very boring city).

Tasting one of the packaged Kimchi after one week of fermenting!Both me and Shrimpy from pinguinland (Jassmin) to agree that it tasted pretty good. I will on the other hand leave the other package of kimchi to ferment properly.

Enjoying whatever good "Fallens Dagar" has to offer...

Since I already  interupted the kimchi's process of fermenting why not cook Kimchi Jjigae for dinner?

It really tasted like Kimchi Jjigae not as good as the ones' I ate in Soeul (South Korea) but not bad for a first attempt... 

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