Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kimchi 김치 !!!!

Ramadan Kareem!!!!
As I wrote before, Ramadan is a month of reflection and good acts. Lhamdella I have had all the time to do both since I brake my fasting after 10 pm. It sounds horrible right? I get to eat after 10 pm and start fasting again a couple of minutes after 2 am. I have only one thing to say Lhamdella for Gods mercy on us, This Ramadan might have the longest hours but I have never felt it to be this easy and pleasureful.

I Have actually been more alive and active than usual ever since Ramadan. Everyday a new idea pops into my head today my adventures was all about cooking, funny enough :P (Not the greatest cook and can't eat :P). I have been craving for Korean food and today I decided to make Koreas national side dish, Kimchi! The whole process gave me joy, all the way from shopping for ingredients to cleaning after this project. It's packed and safe in the frridge and will stay there a while to ferment, can't wait to taste it^^

Some documentation Of thee day ^^


  1. HAHA cant believe u did it, wonder how it turned ou t

    1. We'll try it out together As soon as its done!

  2. I=m in total awe right now. That looks amazing, cannot wait until I taste it!!!