Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Home sweet home

I don't think i've ever seen myself as a tourist in Lebanon. I've been different but never a stranger. This visit was so... It was so... Different? It didn't feel like home, it was heavy and empty. Even though missing Sweden everytime I spent my summer in Lebanon I never once felt happy about leaving that country.  This time was different...

It was my first day going out since I came back. I had a great time with my kootshi koo shrimpy from pinguinland! Also great time with Giddo and her sister discussing most dangerous matters :P

Brothers and sisters in religion or in humanity, today we welcome the great month Ramadan. Let us all reflect upon ourselves. How we speak, treat and how we remember. It is a month that cleans our bodies and souls. Ramadan mubarak to everyone!!!!!

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  1. Well glad to have you back!! haha and ramadan karim<3