Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sleepless in Trollhättan

Everytime I wake up like this, I look through my whatsapp and facebook to see if someone's online. Now that i have other addicting applications like Line and wechat, I go through them aswell. I never really thought about writing in my blog though which is crazy! I usually don't have time to write during the day so why not now?! 

I've been spending my days at university lately, trying to finnish of my thousand assignments before summer vacation. The plan was to finally start digesting everything that happened this year and to get over it before uni starts again so I can focus on studying and my internship in India. But like that grandmother from Forest Gump said ( if I remeber it correctly): " life is like a box of chocolate you never know what flavor you get until you taste it".

Who knows how my summer would really look like. It's crazy in the Middle East, it looks really bad for Lebanon. Since I'm spending my summer vacation there, I have no clue how much free time I'll have( emoitionally and phisically) I still don't get how the EU is deciding on asisting the resistance group in Syria. So many peoples lives has been demolished for nothing while the rest of the world is watching and some actually supporting the resistance group. How? How can you do that, knowing that they've killed innocent people with the same spirit as hitlers? How can you accept helping them when they declare to have the same goal as saddam Hussein? The funny part is that the EU once again is talking about stamping Hizbollah as terrorists. It's actually not funny at all because even though the fact of who the terrorists really are is, they choose a scapegoat. The ones' shooting rockets isn't Hibollah and the ones aming for freedom isn't the resistance group! The scary part is that the higher relations Knows about it, but choose to misslead the people by pointing out fingers, because it's better for them.

Lhamdullillah I have great trust in God and his good people so Even though Im worried and sad about all the losts, I still carry hope in the Allmighty rather then fearing those who tries playing God! 
Hopefully you'll understand my blabbering... Until next time, be well!


  1. "hello,my theory."'human brain is unable to think and to store data"' according to Quran. or according to Bible. or more about.

  2. Ofcourse our brains and hearts stores data wether we ignore it or are ignorant of it. But having the data and reading it are to different things.