Sunday, June 9, 2013


a place called prison

Have you ever thought about your own judgements? That was one of the subjects that was brought out this week. We are truly controlled, our thoughts and decisions. We don't have control over our lives, the free will God gave us has been stolen. Or atleast most of us lost it, most of us that just listen without thinking and choosing to believe.

Imam Ali (A.S) didn't fight for his Khaliph- hood ( Islamic leadership) After the death of our last Prophet (A.S). Why? To not split the Muslims.

This was what my dad said when he heard someone badmouth Sunnis, trying to make a point...

Not only did we let go of one another we even embraced strong hatred. Hatred that grew without a reason. We started believing in what we never saw and disbeliving in what we see. How can one hate without even experiencing? How can one have an opinion of someone they never met? How can one swallow opinions when they saw it to be false and poisoness?

Sunni and Shia Muslims are slaughtering each other so that someone else can eat them. Iam a Shia Muslim and I've heard alot of things about Sunni Muslims. I'm ashamed to say this, but I was effected because I didn't try to understand I chose to be blind. The same with some Sunni friends, they got to hear as much prejudice against Shia Muslims and they were also drawn to blindness. Thank God we got to free ourselves from our judgements. But mostly Thank God for opening our hearts and brains so that we could accept each other, not thinking she's Sunni/Shia but she's not like them; but truly accepting each other the way we are. Use your own brain and eyes don't see through others, even if it's your parents. because they might need you to guide them to their free will...

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