Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Who's worth more?

These past days has been handfull, alot of things I've been thinking about and alot of things I've wanted to write about. Unfortunately time and energy was on a strike. I'm really tired now aswell, but I'm rebelling to share one of today's thoughts.

I've written before about this worlds craziness. How some people holds the power when a cow would do a better job, atleast a cow wouldn't hurt. The people that today holds this power should be the ones far, faar, faaar away from it. That's an opinion I have gotten seeing the differences in valuing a human being's life in consideration of what one's own greed.

I have a roof over my head that doesn't fly away if a storm visits, I have electricity 24/7, I have free water, hot and cold, I have a healthy inviroment, I have freedom of speech, I have a freedom of choice. I have all that and more while someone in Bahrain, Irak, Syria, Africa etc. is suffering. People might say it's a question of resurses, but you know what All these countries I mentioned are rich just like my country, the only differense is that those people holding the power decides on not letting them get what's theirs.

I don't know if you're getting what I'm talking about, but what I'm trying to say, to myself before anyone else actually is:  "Don't look down on anyone, don't feel sorry for anyone and don't think you deserve more than anyone, because you might have used them, helped killing them or even taken what's theirs to  give to yourself!

Be careful of what you buy, wether it's food, clothes, other materials or even prejudice and opinions!


  1. Stay Blessed
    Your sympathy wont go unrewarded

    I agree with the last sentence to be careful with buying, and prejudice opinion and judgments. We should be like brothers and sisters. One fall, the other give a helping hand.

    If we don't the inequality will one day bring people knocking on our doors, when they get the chance. I dont know how to explain it. But We are living in same world. Destabilization in one part of the world is problem for the whole world.

    The developed countries should help in sincere manner the rest of the world, else the problem is gona knock one day on their doors.