Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ya Zahraa!!!

Today we grief for Fatima (A.S) the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (A.S). She is known as the Queen of all woman at all times, because of her purity and wisdom. Fatimat Al-Zahraa was also known as her fathers mother because of the great love and understanding she had towards him. The prophet (A.S) decribed Fatima (A.S) as a part of him saying: "Fatima is a part of me, whoever harms her, harms me". Still those who claimed to be followers of the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) shoved her behind her door, killing both her and her unborn child. She layed sick, at first she tried to hide her pain and what happened from her husband and children.

She could'nt hide it for long from her husband. And when she felt that her time was almost up, Fatima (A.S) asked her husband Imam Ali (A.S) to take care of her corpse and to not let anyone be apart of her funeral or know where she's burried, because those who caused her death would try to intrude. Imam Ali (A.S) called their kids to say good bye to their beloved mother and their last meeting in this world was heartbreaking. Some documents says that  she was sick for more than a month

This day reminds me of what some of todays muslims are acting, how Mekka, our beloved holy Mekka, the home of all muslims is being controlled. It's controlled by people who claims to follow The Prophets (P.B.U.H) sunna (way). They demolished Islams greatest relics our beloved Prophets home and his daughters home. Not only that they did it to build toilets in that area. They also belittle the prophets (A.S) grandchildren (A Imat al baqe, a.s) by not letting people visit their graves and greet them properly, their graves that today looks like ruins.

It's sad how we today are limited on the behalf of Saudi Arabias rule when it comes to our heritage. Instead of seeing Kaa'ba today we see a huge tower with a clock and signs like burger king beeing presented instead of giving Kaa'ba its own value in modesty and peace. They say the reason for getting rid of our Islamic heritage was because people was starting to worship them, but what I see from all of this is that they want us to forget our love to the prophet (A.S) and his holy family Ahlul-bayt. These actions reminds me of how they treated his only daughter Fatimat- Alzahraa and her household, those who claimed to be close to the Prophet( A.S)opressed them and tried to make people give them less value because of their own greed. It feels that their trying to make us forget the Prophet (A.S) and his holy family (P.B.U.T), the people that takes us closer to Islam, closer to God!

My best friend wrote a poem in honor of this day so I decided to share it: 


  1. peace be upon her may she be our intercessor in doms day

  2. Peace be upon her,
    Peace be upon her father, peace be upon her husband, peace be upon her children and may allah hasten the reappearance of our awaited Imam.