Saturday, March 16, 2013



Death is every persons' departure, an end of one reality and a  begining of another. The Holy Qura'n tells us that when you're destinate to die, the angel of death, will come to take your soul. Your actions and patiens, during this life will become Gods' mercy upon you. That mercy will give you the place you deserve in your afterlife, not to speak about the comfort it will bring in this life.

Something hit me today while watching a movie. It hit me that I'm the one who needs God, He doesn't need me. I also remembered something a religion teacher told me during Highschool. She said "Believing in something doesn't have to be sensible you just believe".  This movie brought up that subject again. The father in this movie was telling his son that no religion had science and that we should follow our minds. His mother on the otherhand, placed her hand on her heart, pointing out that religion was a matter of the heart. 

WHAT???!!! Religion doesn't make sense? If a religion doesn't make sense or if it's incomplete, how could you follow it? I admit one thing, religion does have the ability to touch our hearts but touching our hearts and not our minds; means that something is missing, it's incomplete and following the incomplete, means walking halfway. How would you expect to reach your destination, without walking the final distance? 

The Holy Qura'n doesn't only reach our hearts, it gives us science aswell. It has facts that today has been proven by great scientists, to be accurate. This, from a book that was written from Prophet Muhammads (P.B.U.H) time! I don't stay away from alcohol because Islam tells me I should, I got closer to Islam because it told me that drinking alcohol is forbidden and why. You may choose to keep a blind eye because it's easier or because it suits your fancy. But  a green tree doesn't become naturally pink just because you want it to be. It's very important to not shield our hearts from seeing and feeling, because we expect to get our way nomatter what way we take in life. God is fair, true and generous in both rewards and punishments...

PS! Even though the movie was  abit too... Ehm wet? It still had a really beautiful tiger and one scene that was really touching.

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  1. I was amased when I was comparing what the Holy Quran says with what scientists hundreds of years later found out (such as the development of embryo in a mothers womb). Anyone who would read these things would understand that the quran is true. As you say it speaks to our minds as well as our hearts, there is no way of not believing it
    p.s. hahaha it really had a beautiful tiger !! hahaha jag döör