Saturday, March 9, 2013

one of lifes' greatest gifts


Just before going to sleep last night, I see a message on facebook from an old friend. I can't believe that it has been 7 years since we last saw each other. I've been  thinking alot about her and the rest of our "gang" members from juniorhigh. I really miss them, I know that things has changed but one thing can never be taken away and that's our bond that we built. I feel like booking a ticket and leaving everything behind to see them one more time... But as I said before reality takes over. I will have to wait for timing to be on my side.

I was rewaching a gentlemans dignity, its a korean drama which talks about four middle aged men and their friendship. One episode hit through my heart it was when they showed the day when one of the mens wife passed away. How the rest of that group left everything behind not giving it another thought nomatter what concequences they knew they'd have to deal with later. They did that to be with that
friend and support him. It's really hard finding a bond that strong I thank God for the friends I have not many people are as blessed as Iam :) Lhamdella (thank God)


  1. One thing is for sure. Anyone who has you as his or her friend is truly blessed. I know I am, everything I've been through you've been there. Always. I loff yoo