Wednesday, March 20, 2013

looking, not the same as seeing

And seeing, not the same as knowing...

Many people watch the news, they look at what's going on and say that the world has become crazy . Others see the news and swallows an opinion which the media has fed them while another group of people actually experience and knows how it really is. One can look at something and not see it and one can see something but not understand it. When you know, you'll see what your looking at. Therefore you will understand and be capable of making a difference.

Knowledge is a great weapon against ignorance. Ignorance leads straight to a dark alley where one easily gets missled. How would you know anything other than following the one who holds the flash light? Just because the one with the flashlight takes a certain way doesn't mean it's safe or right, it only means that you will follow because you know nothing else. choosing to only follow would result to staying in the dark to never know, to only look at the light and maybe see something but not understand it. How would anyone stand against what's wrong when one is ignorant of it? Our last prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said that: 
"One learned man is harder on the devil than a thousand ignorant worshipper"

Some might think that fighting with a pen leads no where and that blod has to be shed to have a happy ending. Using blodshed should'nt be an option but sad enough, I must admit that it becomes reality. I still choose my pen though, not only because no innocents would be harmed but also because inc delivers knowledege and with knowlege we will have a chance...


  1. I have been trying to put down a comment for this post for a long time noww. The more i think the more angry i get. Not at others but at myself. not aware myself, how can i expect others to be aware amd not ignorant.