Sunday, March 10, 2013

Convinced satisfaction or

or truly being satisfied?

I guess one could choose to stay in a locked miserable box. Staying there would be a bit uncomfortable yet familiarly safe. Getting out would mean putting effort to unlock not knowing what to expect, it would also mean a possibility of being forced back into that box with more misery to carry. Would emptying a box of misery be an option? But to do that we still have to go through unlocking and actually getting out to clean it properly, so either way effort must be given and a chans of getting junk back in could happen.

Personally I think that staying in a box would eventually make you too fat to fit in. Getting fat because of the heavy calories of misery one would be fed. The world is so much more than getting hurt and getting into a closed bubble as a result. Happiness is a blessing that can be reached and will be reached if you stop seeing the bad things that can happen and instead focusing on the good things that happens all the time. Appreciate small positive things to make them bigger to dominate whatever bad comes in the way.

I Thank God for the greatest gifts of all that gives me a reason to believe in happiness and hope. Thank you for giving me the Holy Quran, the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) and his holy household, Ahlul-bayt, my family and friends. These gifts are the light that always gives me hope and comfort while reminding me of holding on to my freedom. Gifts that brings me closer to God and humanity. Not to mention my will of wanting to see how beautyful everything around me really is and how much light I have rather than darkness. I am trully blessed, Lhamdella  !!!!

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  1. "appreciate small positive things to make them bigger to dominate whatever bad comes in the way" Couldn't have said it better!