Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ask ...

your brain for permission

My friends' mother told me, that no child can be replaced with another, nomatter how many kids you have. If you lose one of them, the other children won't be able to put out the fire burning from the loss.

I remember that phraze everytime I think about taking a step in life that might harm me. Harmed, meaning being scarred for life or losing life. It is only natural that the path we choose to take will offer bumps, but creating your own trap and falling in it is something else. It freaks me out how many young people today seem to ignore the danger when it comes to cigaretts, drogs and so on. The media has a great part in that, movies makes it "cool" and accepted to smoke, take drogs or atleast have tried it. They most disgusting part of it is that they actually are aware of the damages and what it could lead to.

I believe that trying different things inlife would enrich our experience in life and makes us see things from different perspektivs. Indeed to realise what's right you have to meet wrong, but meeting wrong doesn't mean getting involved. You don't have to try marijuana to know that you'll lose controll over yourself and that you could become addictive. When you watch mostly comedies they bring up trying drogs as a normal thing, but what they don't show is what trying can lead to. What I'm writing doesn't only apply to addictive, physically unhealthy choices.

I don't know if you also feel this way, but It would scar me more to see someone I care about getting hurt than me getting hurt. So what I think is "Think carefully before you get into something, what the greatest loss could be and if it's worth it. Also what that loss would mean to the people around me"

you might not care about how much it will affect your own life, but think about the people that does...

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  1. It's sad to say but it's true; we're living in a time where these things have become more and more common. That's because its somehow become more accepted, it's become, as you say, "cool". But I don't think they're unaware of the consequences, they just choose to ignore them.