Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another day

I wonder why? Why do I keep having the feeling of wanting to cry? I thought I cried enough to get over whatever I was going through. I thought, I was doing well, because Iam doing everything I should do and I'm doing it with a smile.

I've heard many people say: "I can't, It's too hard, I won't" when something they haven't expected or wanted to happen, happens. Nomatter how much one complains or feels sorry for themselves they will still have to "take care of it". Letting everything go and just living in a closed bubble won't stop reality from existing. Taking time to heal your wound because you want to, and refusing to accept a situation won't help because even that bouble of your will burst and give in to your reality. I realised that choosing to not see how things really are and just keeping on living will make it harder. Not only on you, but also on the people around you. 

I haven't let go but I've put it aside and it works even if I feel a huge whole in my heart making me a bit less happy. The road won't get easier if you stop walking it will only give hardship a head start to make your life even more complicated. So here Iam running when I really just wanna sit and cry...

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