Monday, March 11, 2013

A good day

expecting more to come...

Everytime someone asks about how I'm doing? I reply, Im rotting and mostly because I felt as if I slowly but for sure was losing my colors. As if life was being sucked out of me. but I also like that expression. I like it because of the humor it can bring forward, also because it takes my thoughts to roses and  I see them rotting and then magically get their colors and healthy state back.

Nomatter what happens, what or who I lose, I can't seem to go to the dark side. Nomatter how sad, angry or lost I may get, I still feel that warm feeling telling me, there's a reason for everything, do not hate what can be good for you and God is there, he is merciful and fair. Many dissbelievers might not see what I feel and therefore never will they understand. But God is what gives me hope and gives me the energy to get up to pursue happiness again. Trusting God will lead you to happiness, when you truly trust God you will listen to him and if you take his advice you will find yourself filling that empty, sometimes black hole inside of you. 

Today has been a great day! Mostly because of my friends' birthday, my Shrimp of pinguin land was born 22 years ago and today she shines like never before! I wish her the best of best and many years to come filled with pure happiness! Happy birthday!!!!Also because I finally got out from my box and guess what? I feel better with an attitude that says bring it on!

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