Sunday, March 17, 2013

A day

Worth celebrating

Thank you,

Filled with hope, happiness and a peaceful feeling,
your birth was a blessing to all of us kneeling. 

Before God, I kneel and thank him utterly, 
accepting his gift indeed most happily.
Because of your patience I know what way to part,
Because of your strength I know how to follow my heart

My words simple, my heart true 
I have seen nothing but beauty, from God.
And one of those beauties are you!

Today is Saida Zainabs' (A.S) birthday, one of the greatest women in Islamic history, the granddaughter of the Prophet. Her wisdom, patience and strength follows us till today, a true rolemodel for both males and females...


  1. I can't stress enough how much I love your writing but you already know that. Like tshinsha the poem is sooo beautiful!!!!!

  2. Thank you for charing this event with us, And may Allah grant us all the intercession of Ahlulbayt in the hearafter and ther vistings in this world. Ps, I have to say LOVE YOUR WRITING SO MUCH!! You're such an inspirable person =) på A heavy day