Saturday, February 27, 2016

A short stay

with no plans,  just simply being there...

Have you ever felt the need of beeing somewhere, thinking about a certain person? I suddenly felt a desperate need of being in Lebanon because of family and friends. It wasn't a long stay, but it doesn't matter, just seeing their faces once was more than enough, lhamdella <3

hope you had an awsome week, here's some shots from my week...

I never get sick of being a teacher, but being able to use that with my cousins is a feeling Worth millions of dollars! Lhamdella for being able to spend a moment of an ordinary day with you <3 #studymode

I'm 25 going on 26 and yet I feel like a Little kid being with my parents. A blessed feeling!

Manara, a Place you have to visit if you're in Lebanon #Peaceofheart

It's not about the food it's about who you eat it with (and to survive) <3! #Deepdiscussions #√§lskarer 


This time was about the food #Yumy #lastmealinlebanon #Lhamdella

Have no Pictures to show you the highlight of this trip, but here's a summery #Seeingmygrandmotherswasthehighlightofthistrip

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Being blinded

Sorry the video is in Swedish, still worth watching #openyourheart #openyoureyes #step4justice

Celebrating love

or feeding februari sales?

Love is sharing, Love is caring, love is being generous, love is being true,  love is being careful, love is taking action,  love is showing how someone is special to you. Love is being fair, love is making noice, love is thinking of a way, love is creating opportunities, love is pure, love is never silenced, love is strong. Love is a feeling that gets rid of Everything wrong!

 Have you seen love being spread today? well I haven't, I've only seen money growing while blood being shed
#reality  #step4justice #openyoureyes #openyourheart

Friday, January 15, 2016

Finding it!

finding my own weakness...

Have you ever thought about the fact that pointing fingers at others is much easier than seeing our own faults?

Imam Ali (as) one of my greatest rolemodels once said: "blessed is he, whose own faults keep him from seeing the faults of others."

I don't know about you, but I find it really easy to look for someone elses misstakes. Somehow not only their actions but even their intentions becomes clear. Having a vision of someone elses misstakes especially when towards you, can lead to anger and hatred. I was trapped in that box not so long ago but you know what? This quote was stored in my head √°nd just popped out. It made me realise that another persons flaws can distract me from my own.

What I'm trying to say is, stop looking at the other persons quality and look at yourself. If that person's actions directly hurt you, be extra aware of your reaction. Because being hurt through someones ill nature is the easiest way to fall into the trap. The trap of digging more flaws in the person just to be able to build a bridge of hatred. It doesn't mean you should be blind to other people's flaws. Just that we should stop searching for other peoples faults to instead become better people by finding what we, ourselves lack!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Today's Mahatma Ghandi

Sheikh Al-Nimr, a person who believed in democracy and the power of the pen...

Remember Mahatma Ghandi? The man who stood up for womens rights, for the economically less fortunate people. The man who fought against the cast system and tried to create love and respect between people from different ethnical and religious backgrounds. Not speaking about his hard work for Indias independence. Mahatma Ghandi fought a lot of battles with a none violence policy that still echoes until today. Ghandi stated that he was inspired by Imam Hussein, saying and I quote " l learned from Hussein how to achieve victory while being oppressed". Ghandi left us murdered by a fanatic who was against his ideas and today we once again witness fanatics killing another person who shares Ghandis insperation source.

That person was Sheikh Al-Nimr. He was a shia muslim cleric from Saudi Arabia who saw the government's true colors from a near distance. He saw a truth we all see and know. But incomparison to many of us, he did something about it. He stood up against tyranni with the same spirit that Mahatma Ghandi had, the spirit they both adopted from Imam Hussein (as). Sheikh Al-Nimr (may he rest in Peace) believed in the power of the pen, truth and peaceful action even if it led to his death. He believed in women's rights, in freedom of speech, in being able to freely practice your own religion and last but not least the right of choosing a leader.

Sheikh Al-Nimr was a man who never felt safe ever since birth, but instead of running towards his own safety, he chose to become the strength of others with his mind instead of muscles. Alsaudi or with other words the "leaders" of Saudi Arabia, started this new year by killing a star. This star, Sheikh Al- Nimr, who was a light of hope, has a family that is being neglected the right of saying goodbye one last time. The government is refusing to hand over the deceased body to his family.

Most of us know what Saudi Arabia stands for and yet they get a post of  leadership at UN Human Rights Council. The world is really getting to an end! And not because they got that post but because we let them. You and I might be against what they're doing and what they stand for, but you and I have been keeping our voices from each other. We need to remember that one voice alone always means something but our voices together has the strength to do something!




Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hakoona matata

is a wonderful word... Especially when u live it!

I almost forgot and then God (swt) reminded me of how much we take from the company we keep. If you have someone in your life that hangs and enjoys the company of people you believe is "bad news". Or if you define them as "bad company" then be sure that he/she has the same or some of their qualities. Don't close your eyes, don't give up your hakoona matata life and be careful of who you really let in! ... Just a thought that hit me today, seeing how we affect each other with whatever qualities we carry along, peace out!

(Hakoona matata= no worries)

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Smiling like a fool

I just love my kids!

One thing along many other things I've wanted to accomplish in life is becoming a mother. Being a teacher has given me the privilege of not missing that dream, but instead, living it. Lhamdella(Thanking God) x3! My job might not be the easiest, but it definately is the best(for me atleast). Off to bed now, lets avoid scaring the kids with my puffy eyes tomorrow, nighty night!